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  • Sharon L. Michaels
  • Sharon L. Michaels
  • Sharon L. Michaels

Firm Profile

A. General Information

1. Firm History

Sharon L. Michaels, attorney at law, is the owner of the firm and past President of Harris County Lawyer Referral Service. She graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism with honors and received her law degree from the University of Houston, graduating magna cum laude. Licensed in Texas in 1983, she is also admitted to practice before the United States District Court, the Southern District of Texas. The First Court of Appeals selected her as a briefing attorney for that Court upon completion of law school.

Ms. Michaels began her own firm in 1984, having now been in private practice for a period of thirty-five years. Her areas of emphasis have been divorce, probate, estate planning and trusts, business transactions and other civil litigation.

She draft trusts for pets in Texas for pet owners that want to ensure their pets will be supported and cared for in the event of the owner’s disability or death. This is a niche area in estate planning in Texas but becoming steadily more important to more persons. She is also the trustee of the Mary Jane Carvel Foundation, a 501 c 3 devoted to animal welfare.

2. What Sets Her Firm Apart is Expertise and Service

One of the unique advantages of having served as the President of Harris County Lawyer Referral Service for over ten years has been the contacts and relationships with other attorneys in vastly different areas of law. Even if she personally does not handle a specialized area of law, then Sharon L. Michaels has maintained access for consultations with talented, experienced attorneys in various specialties throughout Harris County, Texas.

Her clients value easy access to her as their attorney rather than having to deal with gate-keeper support staff. Further, they value being kept informed. Clients have expressed appreciation for her helping them learn how to assess their own cases’ strengths and weaknesses and then make informed decisions. Her client ratings appear if one goes to www.lawyers.com and does a search for Sharon L. Michaels in Houston , Texas.

3. Joint Ventures with Other Law

Sharon Michaels has formed long-lasting relationships with many other law firms whose areas of specialization complement her strengths and experience.

She has had numerous co-counsel relationships with the Spencer law firm here in Houston, Texas. The Spencer law firm is a boutique law firm that has handled numerous matters of complex business litigation, securities law, shareholder suits and business planning and related transactional work. See https://www.spencer-law.com

Ms. Michaels has assisted in litigation planning, conduct of discovery, and legal research. Such strategic alliances between firms can lower overall attorney fees and enable her clients to have the benefit of experienced outslde counsel normally not accessible to individual litigants.

4. Emphasis on Public lnterest and Resources for community Groups

Sharon Michaels faced the challenges of linking members of the public to member attorneys in her uncompensated service as President of Harris County Lawyer Referral Service, until it ceased operations in 2022.

She strives to determine the type of legal services requested by members of the public and provide options to those seeking to engage counsel with traditional fee arrangements and those persons unable to pay marketplace attorney fees. For the latter, she introduces callers to volunteer attorney organizations and the volunteer attorneys answering website inquiries for the indigent called Texas Legal Answers. This is accessible throuBh https://www.TEXASLEGALANSWERS.ORG

She is also the trustee of a public charity directed to the prevention of cruelty to animals and support of other non-profit organizations which are geared to foster placement while pet adoptions are sought.

She has also devoted her time and experience in elder and administrative law to groups as diverse as seniors and former or current military members. Common issues for the seniors are their goals to maintain their safe and independent lifestyles, estate planning, and working with elder care managers and support personnel. Military members face unique challenges in litigation while in active service and division of retirement benefits.

A new developing area ae claims for military members in the lraq war and other conflicts against manufacturers of devices for hearing protection while in combat. Defective products have led to serious hearing loss, tinnitus and claims for money damages against the manufacturers.


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